03 Jul

Invisible Braces from Your Central London Dentist Keep You Smiling All Day Long

The times of metal train tracks across your teeth are beginning to disappear. New technologies are constantly being developed that allow orthopaedic treatments to more quickly and effectively realign your teeth, they can now even do this without anyone know you are wearing braces. Invisible braces now available from your Central London dentist are able to straighten your teeth and be inconspicuous.
There are a variety of invisible braces coming onto the market. You should speak with your dentist who can advise the best solution for your individual orthodontic needs. For instance, Invisalign braces are made of clear plastic and fit tightly against your teeth making them essentially invisible. Instead of a wire that is tightened or loosened over time, Invisalign uses a series of plastic braces that get progressively tighter and reposition your teeth into the correct position.
Although braces may seem like a hassle, especially to a teenager, they are well worth the effort. Not only does improve the cosmetic look of your teeth – creating a beautifully straight line of shiny teeth – but it has important medical benefits. Misaligned and angled teeth will put pressure on your teeth, gums and jaw in ways that they are not designed for. Left misshapen this pressure can create serious problems down the line.
Don’t delay in speaking to your dentist about invisible braces. The process is simpler, easier and more rewarding than ever. For teenagers your dentist will be able to advise which age it is most effective to begin. Adults with misaligned teeth can begin at any point.