13 Jan

Is Pulpitis Reversible in the City of London?

Reversible Pulpitis in the City of London
The tooth is a very complex character but it is also a delicate one too, that needs to be looked after well in the city of London because things can go wrong with the whole of your teeth very quickly if you take your eye off your oral hygiene and off of what you eat on a daily basis. The surfaces of teeth are constantly being bombarded by sugars and acids inherent in the foods and drinks we consume, and if this is not removed, the enamel will start to decay and dental caries can form. It is a this point you may find yourself suffering from pain in the tooth every time pressure is applied to it, or when you take-in hot and cold drinks- meaning you are at the stage of what is known in the trade as reversible pulpitis. It is where the pulp inside the tooth is under pressure and unlike the rest of the body that can dissipate inflammations pulp cannot, as it has nowhere to go. The best way of stopping this is trying to prevent it in the first place by ensuring you brush and floss your teeth, even throw in a mouthwash every time you eat in order to clear away acids and sugars. Regular visits to your dentist will also enable the teeth to be filled when caries appear, so to avoid full blown pulpitis, because if this happens and the pulp becomes infected, it means you will have to have the pulp and roots removed altogether in order to keep your teeth in your mouth.