30 Apr

It may not be Sci-Fi, but Laser Dentistry in Central London is Something to Marvel at

Laser dentistry is used for a broad spectrum of medical, dental and cosmetic treatments throughout the world. Dentists in Central London provide laser technology techniques in dental procedures to correct a range of dental and cosmetic dentistry conditions.

Laser Dentistry Treatments

Nowadays innovative laser technology and expertise are used by Central London dentists to: detect tooth decaying agents and cavities; eliminate infection-causing oral bacteria; treat mouth sores and tooth sensitivity; perform dental fillings and tooth restorations such as crowns; reshape gum tissue; remove oral tumours; reduce jaw joint pain; and attach oral or tongue muscle.
Cosmetic dentistry treatments in Central London using laser technology include: gum contouring to correct a gummy smile; teeth whitening to speed up the bleaching process; Cerec restorations for faster ceramic curing; smile makeovers for a celebrity-like smile; and denture-fitting by removing uncomfortable gum tissue folds.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry

The benefits of laser technology are vast, such as reducing the need for invasive surgery and sutures, minimizing pain during treatment and speeding up recovery time. Many laser dentistry procedures do not need the administration of anaesthesia, as patients feel comfortable without it during treatment.
Laser dentistry offers greater precision because laser energy may be focused on specific treatment sites reducing the risk of bleeding and damage to nearby oral tissues. The likelihood of oral tissue inflammation and infection is also lowered, as laser dentistry treatment aids in blood-clotting, tissue regeneration and wound healing.

Laser Dentistry Increases Patient Confidence

Laser dentistry gives patients confidence in dental treatment and is popular in Central London and other parts of the world. Patients feel more at ease as traditional tooth drilling is not required. Laser dentistry techniques reduce patient fears about dental treatment so that they may experience the benefits of improved oral health for a beautiful-looking smile.