16 Apr

It’s time for Dentures in the City of London

Sadly, for all the wonders that modern dentistry offers you in the city of London, there may well come a time when you lose teeth and for whatever the cause of this tragedy, you will need to replace them to retain the overall health of your mouth. There are many options, and probably the last of your choices would be dentures no doubt, but before dismissing them out of sight completely, dentures have gone through quite a change over the years. They are softer, more attractive to look at and stay in the mouth better than they ever did. Cements have improved and now, with advances in implant technology, they can be used to come to the aid of denture wearers. But the biggest change of all is the thinking behind the loss of a tooth or two. One of the biggest perpetrators of tooth loss in the past was gum disease; now, dentists prefer to save teeth with new techniques, which is why more and more people are choosing partial dentures. They are cheap, uncomplicated to wear, sit firm in the mouth and they look very natural indeed.