08 Feb

Keep your children’s teeth healthy at City of London dentist

Keeping your children’s teeth clean and healthy is very important for ensuring they have a life free of dental problems. Infant tooth decay is on the increase as more and more underdeveloped teeth are being exposed to sugary drinks and sweets, causing dental health problems that can last a lifetime.
There are several easy ways to ensure your child’s teeth are as healthy as possible. Firstly, it is very important to ensure that they learn the importance of cleaning teeth properly everyday. Good habits learnt when young can carry on throughout their life and give them a better chance of avoiding decay and gum disease. Teach your child how to brush and floss correctly, making the activity fun and never forcing them. Making your child resent brushing their teeth can lead to problems in the future. Flossing can also start at an early age, which again can give them an advantage later in life.
Avoid giving your child sugary drinks and sweets. Fresh fruit is far better for the teeth than sugary juice and sweets which can cause decay. Teach your child to drink from a cup early and try to wean the off the dummy as early as possible as this can cause dental problems. It is also a good idea to discourage thumb sucking as this can lead to alignment problems later in life.
Finally, always make sure your child has regular check ups with a City of London dentist. Encouraging your child and making sure they are not afraid of the dentist will lessen the chances of any dental phobia causing damage later in life.