15 Jul

Keeping An Eye Out For Dental Cavities In The City Of London

If there were ever a serial offender in the dental world, in the city of London, then its plaque, for it’s the catalyst for every other evil that occurs in the mouth. Once it is allowed to get at the surfaces of your teeth, acids will start to eat away at the enamel and then you are into a mild form of tooth decay known as cavities. Once these are on the surfaces of your teeth, they can pierce tiny holes into the enamel, and they won’t go away unless treated. At first you won’t know a thing about it but as long as you maintain regular visits to your dentist, cavities can be spotted by a trained eye, or picked up on an x-ray. However, miss an appointment when cavities are about and you will find out the hard way; they are visible, just, in the beginning and you may be able to spot tiny pits or holes in the enamel, but honestly, how many of you look that closely at your teeth? But you will find out soon enough: cavities will cause shooting pains when you bite down, the teeth will become sensitive to extreme temperatures and you may suffer from a mild toothache. If you get to this stage, you need to get to the dentist quickly for treatment- normally a filling. A word of caution though: if you leave a cavity be, the pain may subside and lull you into a false sensitivity but what comes next is thoroughly nasty and, well….let’s not let it get to that stage eh?