23 Sep

Kids and Healthy Teeth in the City of London

From the day a child is born, the teeth start to develop and will continue to do so until the wisdom teeth start to come through around the age of seventeen, so looking after the health of your children’s teeth in the city of London means you are in it for the long haul. In the early years, the first thing that you need to be attentive of is when the teeth start to erupt through the gums. For some children this can be very painful so it’s important to ensure that you help this by allowing the child to chew on a dummy to aid the process and use mild soothers around the gums. It’s also important to ensure that the teeth are cleaned well as they are very suceptible to tooth decay. As soon as the child is able, they should be taught how to clean their teeth, you should enlist the help of a paediatrician and soon after, a dentist, for soon, the secondary teeth will be breaking through. Other than ensuring your kids have good oral hygiene and a good diet, the dentist will do the rest until the next major hurdle- your child may need an aligner or brace fitted to maintain the mouth bite or occlusion. Again, a tempestuous time and one where you need extra vigilance and instruct them on how they keep their teeth free from food and bacteria. And if you haven’t managed to get rid of them by their late teens, you’ll have to nurse them through their wisdom teeth. Kids eh?!