27 Apr

King’s College, London for Child Oral Health

gtn1649.jpgToday dental problems are increasing rapidly and the debutant step is put forwards by the King’s College based in London to start up with Child Oral Health Improvement Programs. This initiative is also recognized to be the first step undertaken globally. It was in the Global Child Dental Health Taskforce Conference 22, the greatest public and dental health specialists planned to start with the exploration on the measure to eradicate dental problems in kids below 20 years of age.WHO is the one supporting the task force and is also raised by Professor Raman Bedi belonging to the King’s College London. The step put forward is to affect nine countries including Mexico, China, United States, India, and South Africa thus spreading across millions of children and their parents. Slowly, it is to reach out to thirty different countries thus eradicating oral problems entirely.
Professor Bedi talked about the tooth problems, its causes and consequences during the conference. He also pointed out the major cause to be the exposure towards fluorides and increased consumption of sugar. He also explained that each and every child in the world should be experiences good oral health. Professor noted that one of the common problems seen in children is the dental cavity and this is to be well approached on an international basis to decline the number and finally throwing it out of the society sooner.
The Director of WHO Global Oral Health Programme, Dr Poul Erik Peterson also pointed the importance of dental problems and the need to remove it completely from the society as a whole. He also conveyed that the major problem exists among the developing and developed countries and the issue is to be seriously met to have a wonderful tomorrow free of worries!