11 Nov

Knocked Out Tooth Saved By London Dentist

When a child has a tooth knocked out, it is very traumatic to both the child and the parents. Usually, when this happens with a primary tooth, and does not require replacement. If it is an adult tooth, the quicker it is replaced back into the mouth, the better the odds for its survival. Thirty minutes seems to be the time limit that a tooth can be out of the mouth and survive if replaced properly. Watch the clock and follow the directions below.
If you are present when your child loses a tooth, place some tissue in their mouth and apply pressure or have them bite down on the tissue. Make sure that you have the tooth with you, and see if it’s a primary tooth or an adult tooth. Immediately call and/or go to your London Dental Clinic. If away from London, go to the local emergency room. Do not wrap the tooth in tissue or touch the tooth’s root. Put the tooth between your teeth and cheek right away, or a small container with milk or salt water. Water from the faucet should be your last resort as it contains too much chlorine (this can harm the root of the tooth). If at all possible, try to replace the tooth into the socket, but make sure that the front side of the tooth is situated toward the front of the mouth. Do this if you can convey to the child that the tooth is to be held in place and not swallowed. Keep your London dentists telephone number on hand at all time, and go see them within 30 minutes if at all possible, but make sure that you go see them. Your London dentist will replace the tooth and splint it into place, and give you the prognosis for the tooth’s survival. If your child plays sports, it is crucial to have them fitted for a mouth guard, and to make sure that they use it. This can also be performed at your London dentist.