19 Jun

Knocked Out Tooth While Playing Sports? Your City of London Dentist Will Be Able to Help

Whether an accident, a rough game of rugby, or any other reason; a knocked out tooth does not have to mean life with a gap in your mouth. Your local City of London dentist is able to present various solutions to return your natural smile and full functionality. With your first set of teeth as a child, a knocked out tooth can stay out, eventually an adult tooth will replace it. As an adult it is important to seek treatment quickly if possible to increase your chances of keeping your original tooth.
If a tooth has been knocked out whole it is possible to gently place the tooth back into position. Do not attempt this if any part of the tooth is broken. To help with the reattachment you can wash the tooth in milk or saliva. You should then visit the dentist as quickly as possible. The dentist will be able to inspect the tooth and judge whether the tooth has been reinserted correctly.
If it is not possible to reattach the tooth immediately it is important to keep the tooth wet until you can visit a dentist. Do not store the tooth in regular water, milk or saliva will keep the root cells moist and alive until your dentist is able to reattach the tooth. If necessary you can keep the tooth in your mouth between teeth and cheeks, taking care not to accidentally choke or swallow it.
If the tooth is broken your dentist may be able to fix the tooth or suggest the use of a filling, crown or veneer to artificially reconstruct the tooth. Visit your dentist quickly after losing any teeth and they will be able to help.