12 Sep

Know All About the History of Perfect Smile from Dentists in London

You should know that teeth are not just the medium of chewing. It adds beauty to one’s smile. A healthy dental hygiene can make you confident at all times. You can see old aged people and realise its importance. It is just an inseparable part of the body just like brain. All races across the world take care of it well. Practitioners in London have come up with interesting facts to share with, that is its age old history.
In old era, a soft stick was used to clean the teeth. It was chewed at one end and brushed by at the other. Many trees which contained medicinal value served as a brush. Their barks were used to wash the teeth. The chemicals present in it can prevent tooth decay and maintain the cleanliness of the teeth. Then, with the changing scenario, white teeth set became a matter of pride and status symbol for many. Nitric acid was found out by the barbers to whiten teeth. It led to tooth decay. So, its usage was stopped.
Fluoride’s discovery made the process easier for all the people. The gaining popularity led to the establishment of many teeth whitening industries. The increasing technology has made everything possible. Even a smoker or a drinker can get a white set of teeth. Many online kits are also available. They come with proper guidelines and instructions. You need to take them, according to the occasion. It can help you enhance your style and confidence for a better appearance.