29 Aug

Laser and Dentistry in London

The world of dentistry has now reached a milestone with the introduction of laser treatments. These treatments have been found to benefit patients through its precision and power to lessen the pain associated with these procedures. Based on research, the need for sutures dropped because of laser treatments. It also aids in the clotting of blood thus less bleeding. It causes less pain therefore less anesthesia needed. Wounds have a higher rate of healing, with tissue regeneration and minimal damage to nearby tissue structures.
Laser treatments are also seen to be employed in other procedures such as the removal of benign tumors, which was not even possible before. Cavities can be detected earlier to aid in its quick removal and treatment. Drilling during filling procedures can be replaced by dental lasers to lessen the need for anesthetic. It can even repair damaged blood vessels and nerves found in the oral cavity. It can also bleach teeth and treat tooth sensitivity. For aesthetic purposes, it can also expose the structure of healthy teeth that are often covered by the overgrowth of gum tissue.
There are still a lot of uses of laser in dentistry that are waiting to be discovered not only in London but in other parts of the world as well. It has made a big change in how oral cavity disorders can be treated, not only faster but more effectively and efficiently as well. I am personally looking forward to more discoveries that the laser can do, although there may be one thing it cannot do, which is to finish a pile of paperwork.