01 Mar

Laser bleaching – for London folk

Our level of confidence to a certain extent depends on our looks, which in turn is correlated with success in life. We become conscious of our smile when there is any discoloration in our teeth, which is the commonest problem affecting the coffee/tea-loving, ordinary London citizen. Some of us have even tried and a few might have failed after using OTC kit, which is easily available. If you have a light discoloration or yellowness only, it is okay to give it a try. But if there is a stubborn, permanent stain from coffee or if you are under medications such as certain antibiotics, you are sure to fail. But no need to become hopeless. Here in London, there is another easier alternative, of course with a higher price tag available and that is laser bleaching. This is a noninvasive procedure and doesn’t take much time at your dentist’s clinic. You can walk-in and do the procedure and go with a flashing smile. The major advantage is the change it makes to the looks within no time and reduced or no risk of gum inflammation or irritation which is a common occurrence post whitening procedures. In laser whitening, the dentist applies a translucent whitening gel made of 15% hydrogen peroxide to the teeth to be whitened and then directs a laser beam towards the teeth; this activates the crystals that penetrate the enamel to initiate whitening. This system of whitening is the safest comparing to other procedures available. This does not cause any harm to dentine, pulp, gums, existing fillings, veneer, or bonds. As this procedure is painless, it is recommended to children and those with special needs too. But there can be slight sensitivity lasting for a few hours after the procedure. In general, the effect of the procedure lasts for 1 to 2 years. However, certain habits such as tea or coffee drinking, smoking etc. can bring back the discoloration. So, it is recommended to have regular dental checkups, proper brushing, and flossing to maintain the result.