03 Mar

Lasers In Dentistry? London Dentists Hope So

Lasers in dentistry? Well Yes! Says a London-based cosmetic dentist, “Laser guns can be used as diagnostic as well as therapeutic tools in the field of dentistry and no sooner their application will foray into each and every specialization of dentistry.”
Researchers are studying the suitability of a CTE:YAG laser in this area. The laser was found to be successful in ablation of dental caries whilst also diagnosing the presence of caries. There is; however, some peripheral damage to the surrounding tissue and this was attributed to the mechanical forces applied rather than the laser per se.
This alternative seems to offer a quick and minimal-invasive solution and will be a great tool in the hands of an expert dental surgeon. However, it can receive wider acceptance if the tissue damage caused can be reduced or avoided.
The laser can be guided using a hand-held portable laser gun device, and the radiation that penetrates through the enamel and dentin of a tooth can detect even the earliest signs of caries or tooth decay. This means the necessity of fillings is almost minimized as a treatment can be initiated very soon.
Researchers of Glasgow at the Strathclyde University devised this laser gun and the device uses laser that gives a picture of the mineral content of a tooth thereby indicating the start of tooth decay and those patients that were showing early decay symptoms were treated with some fluoride treatment.
“This will be a great tool in our hands and can reduce fillings, aside can show a drastic improvement in the oral health of UK citizens,” remarks the cosmetic dentist who is based in London.
The device can also enable a safer way to diagnose tooth defects, and with its widespread use the adverse effects of x-rays can be totally avoided.