20 Sep

Latest veneer technology with Lumineers from City of London dentist

There is a new type of veneer in the market that promises to be the best yet. Produced by Cerinate, Lumineers are the thinnest and most versatile porcelain veneer ever made and deliver stunning results. Designed to perfectly cover discoloration and restore the shape to teeth that have suffered from enamel erosion, ask your City of London dentist about the new Lumineers.
Lumineers have improved upon the traditional veneer in the sense that they are thinner and stronger. This means they require less preparatory work before application and are less likely to chip and crack in the mouth. Only about the same width as a contact lens, Lumineers require minimal enamel removal before application, one of the most common drawbacks of traditional veneers. Dentists are always reluctant to remove otherwise healthy enamel and now, with these new forms of dental caps, they simply don’t have to. Not only can Lumineers fit over existing teeth, they can also be applied to teeth with previous restorations such as crowns. This is especially good news for patients and dentists because these can often be very hard to remove.
Lumineers are able to completely transform a smile, even one that has been badly affected by staining and enamel erosion. Manufactured at a special laboratory in the US, they are the very latest in dental technology and represent the future of veneer technology. With appropriate brushing and flossing, Lumineers are capable of lasting as long as twenty years before they will need replacing, and although they may cost slightly more than traditional veneers, the results are worth it. Find out about Lumineers at your next appointment.