04 Mar

Laughing Gas- Can It Make You Laugh?

“Yes!” Says a London-based dental surgeon. Sedation via inhalation is most anesthesia administrating techniques especially in dentistry. The most commonly used mixture is the combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide which is more popular as ‘laughing gas.
“To go to a dentist itself is anxiety for many a patients, but doctors say that this technique of giving laughing gas sedation can relieve them of their anxiety and make them comfortable. This is widely used in United States and is now spreading widely in UK as well,” says the dental expert based in London.
Laughing gas can make a patient more comfortable and the dental expert can work his way through accomplishing his dental treatment very effectively.
However, laughing gas is not called for certain people with asthmatic conditions and heart ailments, warns the expert.
When laughing gas is administered great majority of the patients experience some initial lightheadedness. Noteworthy is that this sinks down slowly as a cozy feeling. Several patients complain of some numbness of fingers and toes.
This same numbness is experienced within the oral cavity and it is a plus to the dentist that want to maneuver as well as patient. There are a few that perspire unusually more, but it is normal nitrous oxide effect.
The patient that received sedation will be conscious and responding to the doctors and can express any untoward effects and it is a blessing to the patient as well as doctor.
After the completion of the dentist’s intervention, patient will be receiving oxygen and this should make him/her feel absolutely normal once again. Sedation with nitrous oxide inhalation is very effective in gaggers and this technique eliminates gagging.
The technique is also suitable for those that have a complaint of hypertension, asthma, chest pain and those that suffered heart stroke.
“A small pep chat with the patient on use of this sedation technique using laughing gas helps the patient a lot and make him walk in and out of a dentique laughing,” remarks the expert.