08 Feb

Lava Crowns are Offered at the City of London Dental Clinic

Your City of London Dental Clinic now offers the new 3MTM ESPETM LavaTM Crown and Bridge system. It is a novel CAD/CAM technology using a zirconium oxide base. Lava crowns are considered the optimum in ceramic crowns and require the removal of less tooth structure for the crown preparations than porcelain fused to metal crowns. The Zirconia frameworks are colourable, thin, and translucent. This gives the Lava crowns their natural and fundamental appearance. They are also strong and biocompatible. The margins around these Lava crowns are very similar to porcelain fused to gold crowns. The final colour of the Lava crown is achieved by the baked-on ceramic layer. The crown preparations and cementations are very similar to other crown systems. The Lava crowns are very aesthetic crowns, and ideal for those patients concerned with a black line showing through the gum tissue.