16 Apr

Lava Crowns in London are Making an Eruption of Their Own

Lava crowns are an integrated all-ceramic or porcelain crown tooth restoration used to anchor bridges, fix to dental implants and serve as a part or full replacement for teeth to restore teeth strength and functionality. Individuals who have lost teeth due to tooth decay, infection, gum disease, damage or injury may benefit from the enhancing qualities of Lava crowns.
The difference between crown types are the techniques and materials used to produce and bond them to existing or replacement tooth structures. London dentists make available dental and cosmetic techniques to provide crowns, such as Lava crowns, that are both aesthetically-pleasing and functional.
Lava crowns consist of milled translucent, ceramic Zirconium Oxide, giving teeth their natural white shape and look. Dentists apply careful definition to ensure dental cement blends with tooth-colour so that tooth appearance is not compromised.
Dental cement used to fuse the Lava crowns is formulated for moisture tolerance and adhesiveness, without the need to etch teeth. Bonded to existing teeth or fixtures using dental cement and traditional or new restoration techniques to preserve existing teeth, patients receive stronger teeth without tooth sensitivity.
People all over the world choose Lava crowns to regain healthy oral function, natural-looking appearance and improved self-image and confidence. Teeth are vital for our nutritional intake, facial volume, communication with others, health and well-being, and sense of self esteem.
Lava Crowns London are crafted by 3M ESPE for strength, durability and beauty. Being the next generation of CAD/CAM dental restorations, Lava crowns are designed to be bio-compatible, mimicking natural dental features with precision. Patients benefit from the value and aesthetic attributes of Lava crowns, their natural look and function for peace of mind.