13 Apr

Learn About Cracked Tooth Through Your London Dentistry Guide

Cracking of a tooth is something that does need immediate attention. The dentists in London send out a very clear message. They say to not consider any tooth problem minor because it can affect your life pretty bad.
There can be a lot of reasons for a tooth to crack such as trauma, tooth decay, weakened tooth, etc. Another very important cause of tooth cracking is tooth grinding, which in medical terms is known as bruxism.
When a tooth is cracked, depending on its location, it then has very sharp edges that can damage the inside of your cheeks and also affect your diet, which in turn will affect your health. So, this is something that needs immediate attention or you start losing weight.
If you have a cracked tooth, then use warm water to rinse your mouth and then apply cold compress so as to minimize the swelling. You now must be thinking as to what can be done to repair the fractured tooth.
Well the first step that the dentist takes is to smoothen out the edges of the cracked tooth. Then different options can be adopted to repair it such as bonding, repaired with restorative material such as gold, alloy, silver, etc.
In bonding, porcelain as well as enamel is applied to the fractured tooth. So anyone who has a fractured tooth, must seek the care from your dentist as soon as possible. The care is sought not only for health reasons but also due to cosmetic basis too.