30 Jul

Learn about Dentistry and Sports from Your London Dentist

Everyone should play sports it’s both fun and healthy. But when you want to play a contact sport you should be careful to consider your dental healthy and take preventative measures. Chipping, cracking, and breaking of teeth are the most common dental injuries suffered in sports. These can occur accidentally in any sport but you should particularly be careful when play full contact sports like rugby, boxing, martial arts or American football.
A helmet will offer the best protection against dental injuries, though it is not allows possible to wear a helmet during sports. The next best option is a mouth guard. Made of rubber or plastic these add a barrier to your teeth that can spread and absorb physical blows. A cheap mouth guard offers basic protection and can be fitted by simply dunking it in hot water before biting down hard onto it. For more serious protection ask your London dentist about custom fitted mouth guards that offer much greater protection and comfort.
If any injury happens it is best to visit a dentist as soon as possible. If the injury involves a knocked out tooth it may be possible to reattach the tooth if you receive dental assistance quickly. If the tooth has been knocked out cleanly and remains unbroken you can attempt to reinsert it into its socket. If successfully done the tooth will stay in position but will still require a dental check to make sure it is reconnecting properly. If you have any questions about specific sports and dental care speak to your dentist who will be able to help you safely enjoy your favourite sports.