21 Sep

Learn effective oral hygiene from City of London dentist

As well as visiting your City of London dentist every six months for a dental check up, it is important that you know the best methods of looking after your teeth at home and the most effective oral hygiene methods.
Check ups with City of London dentists are very important. They can spot the first signs of infection and decay and carry out any treatment that you may need. This will help to protect the teeth, but they can also look out for the first signs and symptoms of some of the more unpleasant oral conditions such as cancer.
However, you can’t see your dentist every day, so a large part of effective oral hygiene is up to you and how you look after your teeth at home. This involves correctly brushing and flossing your teeth, as well as using any other oral hygiene methods that your dentist recommends for your teeth. This could be using mouthwash, tongue scrapers or even more specialist tools like inter-dental brushes.
Knowing the correct technique is also very important. For brushing this involves using the right kind of brush and angling the head in such a way that the teeth are cleaned effectively. Your City of London dentist will be able to demonstrate how to properly clean your teeth and also recommend which brush will be most suitable for you.
Following these instructions will help to keep the teeth free from bacteria and plaque and make sure that the tooth enamel is kept clean and free form any food debris that may be trapped there. Flossing is especially useful for this, as it can reach areas that normal toothbrushes can’t quite get to. Your City of London dentist will also be able to advise you about flossing at your next check up.