07 Jul

Learn more about dental implants at London dentist

Restorative dentistry aims to repair damage that has been caused by dental trauma. This includes when teeth have been knocked out or lost due to decay. There are several methods of replacing missing teeth that include dental bridges and partial dentures. However, perhaps the most realistic and certainly the most permanent is called a dental implant.
The implant itself is a small titanium screw that is anchored directly into the jawbone. Once it is there it will need several weeks or even months to properly fuse with the natural tissue and bone in the jaw. Once solid, the dentists can then attach a post followed by an artificial tooth to the implant. In this way it is the only dental restoration to replace the whole of the tooth from root to tip.
Unlike most other restorations, the dental implant is a permanent solution that does not need to be replaced. Because it replaces the whole of the tooth, including the root, it is also a lot more stable and less likely to suffer damage than a dental bridge. It also means that patients are free to enjoy any food without having to worry about the damage.
London dentists also offer mini-implants to patients who wear dentures. These are a series of smaller implants that are used as a stable and permanent base for dentures. This alleviates the anxiety felt by many denture wearers that they are going to fall out at inopportune moments and means they do not have to resort to sticky and messy denture adhesives.