20 Jun

Learn More About Denture Adhesives From Your City of London Dentist

As you may be aware, it should not be necessary to use denture adhesives for full upper dentures. In many cases, you may also be able to avoid using these products on your lower plate. Unfortunately, when dentures start moving out of position, some people neglect to see their dentist. Typically, this can create a situation where the denture may increase the rate of gum and bone erosion. In addition, once your dentures start rubbing your gums excessively, it can also lead to soreness and infection.
Rather than try to rely on denture adhesives, you should report any changes in your dentures. For the most part, your dentist will either reline your existing denture, or create a new one for you. While this may incur some additional expense, it is better than buying denture adhesive. Consider that you will spend more money over time on adhesive, as well as increase your chance of developing other oral health problems.
Many people that have dentures lost their teeth because of gum disease or other problems. The last thing you will want to do is have similar kinds of problems once you have dentures. While denture adhesives can help you chew properly while you are waiting to see the dentist, you should not rely on them for the long term.
There is no question that shifting dentures can be very uncomfortable. On the other hand, these are the kinds of changes that indicate you need to see your dentist as quickly as possible. Rather than make use of denture adhesives, you will be better served by having your dentures repaired. At the very least, this will help prevent further damage to your gums and underlying jawbone tissue.