16 Nov

Lifelike Lumineer veneers from London dentist

For patients who have badly worn, discoloured or unevenly spaced teeth the very latest in veneer technology, Lumineers may be able to restore the cosmetic appearance of their teeth.
Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are cemented over the top of existing teeth to enhance their cosmetic appearance. In the past having a veneer fitted involved the need to remove a substantial amount of enamel form the existing tooth in order that the tooth could accommodate the veneer.
Thanks to Lumineer technology, veneers are now so incredibly thin that only minimal tooth preparation is required prior to fixing. Manufactured by Cerinate, Lumineers are about the same width as a contact lens and are so thin that they are even completely removable. They are also able to fit over existing dental work which means that painful and uncomfortable removal work is not needed before fixing a Lumineer veneer.
Lumineers have also been manufactured to have a translucent appearance that mirrors that of real tooth enamel. This makes Lumineers the most lifelike and realistic veneers on the market, something that veneers have been criticised for in the past. Representing a major step forward in the world of cosmetic dentistry, Lumineers are increasingly becoming the favoured choice of veneer for dentists and patients alike. Ask a London dentist about what Lumineer technology could do for the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.