12 Oct

'Lift off' in Central London with the Inman Aligner

One of the problems that puts people off getting their teeth properly aligned in central London is the time it takes to get the work done and sure, in some cases, the whole treatment can take up to three years to complete. But the rub here is that you are never going to be happy with your teeth if they stick out and however long it takes, you should get it over and done with, not just for the vanity of it all, but because correcting your teeth can be healthy for your bite as well. Well then, all you goofy types, you don’t have to enroll on a lengthy course of action, because the Inman has arrived and whatever your age and your concerns, any issues are blown out of the water because this fellow can have your teeth straightened in just 6 weeks! Its design limits it to only those that have buck front teeth, so if yours fit this bill, check-out this aligner. It comes in the form of a plate, shaped to suit your mouth and which houses a bar that sits against the inside of the teeth and a wire that wraps around the outside of the teeth: both are connected together through springs at the back of the plate. Both bar and wire work against each other, gently wriggling the teeth loose and pulling them into position- such constant movement means the teeth move fast. After the treatment, a retainer needs to be worn to allow the teeth to bed into their new position, but throughout the treatment, the aligner can be removed so that you can clean your teeth normally. Now surely you can put up with this for 6 weeks?!