06 Dec

Local Dentist in London Discusses the Many Benefits of Dental Implants for Patients

Dental implants offered by your local London dentist present the chance to give you back your missing teeth. Tooth loss can happen for numerous reasons. Your ability to chew may be hindered or you may be hiding your smile with embarrassment. Both physical pain and emotional anxiety can be caused by missing teeth. But new dental services offer the possibility of dental implants in replacement of missing teeth. Acting as the root of a tooth, dental implants are titanium constructions that is fused to the jaw with a procedure called osseointegration. There is no gum recession or bone loss caused through osseointegration, unlike other options such as bridgework and dentures. Teeth-supported bridges run the risk of damaging surrounding teeth, implants are able to function independently of your other teeth. Your remaining natural teeth can be saved will your missing ones are replaced. Dental implants offer the best option for anyone with healthy gums and bone structure who wishes to replace a missing tooth. During the procedure a local anaesthesia is used to reduce the pain, with most patients only experiencing a mild discomfort. Over the counter medication is capable of dealing with any temporary soreness that may occur after the procedure. Dental implants can return a natural appearance to your smile with comfort and durability. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants are able of lasting a lifetime.