07 Jun

Local London Dentist Warns of The Effects of Over Brushing

While dentists spend most of their time trying to make sure that people brush their teeth enough, there is an increasing problem of over brushing for some people. Brushing your teeth 2 or 3 times a day is enough to maintain good oral hygiene; more frequent brushing has been shown to have little effect on the removal of plaque. Your local London dentist can give you expert advice on your individual needs when it comes to brushing.
Not only does excessive brushing not increase dental health but dentists are beginning to see with increasing occurrence the side effects of over brushing. These generally are increased tooth sensitivity to extremes of temperature (such as drinks coffee or eating ice cream) and damage to the tooth enamel which can be literally scrapped away with excessive brushing.
Many people mistakenly assume that a hard strength tooth brush will be more effective at removing plaque and food particles, but it is generally recommended to use a soft brush unless your dentist has recommended something stronger. Brushing should last two minutes, any shorter and you will not remove all the damaging material, any longer and it ceases to have beneficial effects. It is not necessary to scrub too vigorously with your tooth brush, a gently firm pressure will be equally effective at removing plaque. Rough brushing also has the risk of causing abrasions to appear on your gums.
Everyone’s teeth are slightly different and so the most important thing is to listen to the individual advice that your dentist gives you.