22 Sep

Lodon dentist makes smile sparkle by teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the process of improving the colour of the teeth by removing stains and discolouration or by bleaching them to make them appear whiter. Most dentist practices will offer an in-surgery whitening procedure or take-home whitening kits with specially made trays. Both of these procedures use a peroxide bleaching agent of varying strength (between 3 and 30 per cent) depending on the level of bleaching needed. While greater strengths of peroxide may make the teeth appear whiter it may also cause some damage to the teeth and gums around it, so often it peroxide is used in smaller strengths.
When performing in-surgery whitening procedures the dentist may use protective equipment to cover the gums and lips. This will enable them to use a greater strength of peroxide without the risk of burning the soft tissue. Home whitening kits generally use smaller strength peroxide but some kits bought off the internet may be stronger than recommended, so it is always advised to consult your dentist.
Whitening procedures have different results for different people. Some patients respond very well to whitening procedures where as others may notice little if any difference to their teeth. It often depends on the whitening system being used.
While for some people tooth whitening is completely painless, most people complain of some mild pain experienced in the 48 hours after the procedure. The most common complaint is of sporadic shooting pains coming from individual teeth, roughly like the pain associated with sensitive teeth. Your dentist may be able to apply a gel or mousse to help with the sensitivity.
Teeth whitening is becoming a more and more common dental procedure. The cost will vary according to which whitening system you are using, who is performing the procedure and where it is taking place. A London dentist can talk with you about the cost and likely success of teeth whitening. Remember, always consult a dentist before attempting any whitening procedure yourself.