20 Jul

London: A Beautiful Smile for a Beautiful City

A brighter smile could drastically change a person’s life. He may soon feel more confident and more able to interact effectively with other people. A thorough treatment could rejuvenate a lacklustre smile and turn it into a powerful one. London, like any other city, has a part of the population who are not yet aware of the services offered by dentists. In fact, I think that not everyone is aware of the term cosmetic dentistry and how even the simplest treatments can improve their lifestyle.
Advertising one’s service is tantamount to describing what one does, or how one intends to tackle a patient’s problem. Some dentists resort to advertising campaigns in which they describe the procedures in detail. Whilst this could most definitely attract some, particularly the ones who can understand medical terminology, I think the best way of introducing the concept of cosmetic dentistry to an ordinary person is to hint at the end product at the onset. Would you like to own a beautiful smile to greet this beautiful city with every single day?
Amusingly, this sounds a lot like the American television series wherein two cosmetic surgery doctors ask a patient, “tell me what you don’t like about yourself”. It could also be that I am more inclined than others to encourage the patient by using his language, not mine. I am not an advertising professional, but somehow, I have a feeling that this will spell the difference between making more people aware of cosmetic dentistry and complete apathy to the industry.