28 Jun

London alternative dentistry for patients!

Holistic dentistry is a field of dentistry dealing with integrating the mind, body and spirit in to the field of dentistry. Conventional dentistry deals only with the teeth and how to treat existing diseases. But holistic or alternative dentistry has several principles like
• The physical and mental state is very important and it plays an important role in influencing dental health. The opposite is also true with dental ill health influencing the whole body in general.
• It supposes that dental disease can be a side effect of other bodily ailments.
• Diet is very important in influencing dental health.
• Nutritional curing as well as a good diet is integral to a complete healing approach to dentistry.
• Additional dietary help can be obtained by vitamins, minerals, herbs and food supplements.
There’s really no proof supporting holistic dentistry over conventional dentistry but anything which advocates maintaining overall good health can’t be completely bad, right? And quite a few views of holistic dentistry ridiculed by conventional medicine have now proved to be true. For example, The FDA has recently upheld a ruling that mercury can be responsible for whole lot of chronic health problems and has advised dentists to discontinue use of the material. Holistic London dentistry has been long advocating removal of old mercury fillings and replacing them with newer white colored fillings. Initially, this was ridiculed as an underhanded method of making money. But I guess they have been proved right!