02 Dec

London and Teeth Whitening

London is awash with glamour and so it rather expects you, its tenant, to be the same: from the way you dress, the way you wear your hair to the cut of your jib, and it can be important too, as looking your best can just give you the nod in a photo finish when getting ahead at work and socially. Of course, this includes first impressions too and one of the first things another person sees in you when you meet is your smile- this too needs to radiate. Lucky for you then the shops are stuffed with goodies to make this happen for you. Whitening your teeth is big business right now and it’s the perfect way to get your teeth pearly white. You can start easy at first by using bleaching toothpastes and you will see the difference after just a few days use. You can buy touch-up pens, bleaching strips and brushes that will tone you up in no time but the product that flies off the shelves is the DIY bleaching kit, complete with bleaching trays and agents and you get to do it at your own speed at home. The other alternative is to get it done by your dentist: you can be set up with kits at home, but the real rock and roller of teeth whitening has got to be laser bleaching, cheap, brilliant results and you are in and out in just an hour. So come on, there’s plenty to choose from so get up to speed!