05 Jan

London And The Great Dental Implant

 One of the greatest innovations to solve the problem of tooth has got to be the dental implant. Even when it was first dreamt up in Sweden decades ago, it was going to take a long time before it became a treatment readily available to everyone as it is in London today. The reason was that there were very few surgeons who performed the treatment and it was very intricate to do with the technology around at the time. However, the realisation of just how effective the implant could be was soon to come of age with the introduction of computer technology and then pinpoint laser surgery. This refined the procedure like never before and made it easy for most dentists to perform. Once the position of the placement has been determined with digital imaging, the laser then burns a tiny hole through the gum tissue and into the jawbone. This is followed by the screwing in of a small titanium implant which will now act as the new root- to which the new crown can be attached. The implant is very strong, it will be in for life and the thing is this is a better permanent option than having dentures fitted. The treatments have become more refined, widely available and easier to do. Prices have got cheaper, though dentists will offer payment plans and insurance policies to help everyone pay for the treatment.