05 Sep

London-Based Clinic offers Full and Partial Dentures

Full dentures and/or partial dentures may be required to replace your teeth and soft tissues, if you have some or numerous teeth missing. Two types of dentures available in London are complete and partial dentures, and also variations of these. Full dentures, also called complete dentures, are usually required when all of your teeth are missing, whereas partial dentures can be used when there are several of your own teeth left in your mouth. The use or partial dentures depend upon several issues, such as the location of your remaining teeth, what kind of shape your teeth are in, and their form and function. When you visit your dentist in London, they will perform a complete examination, and discuss your best treatment options.
Full dentures may be fabricated as either “regular” or “immediate” dentures. “Regular” dentures are usually made for patients who have had their teeth missing for awhile, and either require a new (i.e., initial) “complete” denture or a denture to replace their existing denture. Several reasons to replace an old denture are wear and tear, damage, and/or lack of fit to the soft tissues beneath the denture.
“Regular” full dentures are fabricated after the teeth have been extracted and the gum tissue has healed. This denture is usually ready for insertion in approximately eight to twelve weeks following teeth extraction. On the other hand, “immediate” dentures are made prior to the teeth being extracted, and after surgery to remove the teeth, the denture is inserted immediately. This allows the soft tissues to heal and the extraction sites to be covered by the denture acting as a surgical stent. It allows the patient to function and have better aesthetics during the healing period. These dentures are usually relined with a soft material, as the soft tissue heals and shrinks. When healing is complete, a “regular” denture is fabricated for the patient.
Removable partial dentures usually consist of artificial plastic or porcelain teeth that are incorporated into a pink, gingival-coloured acrylic base, placed onto a metal undersurface that contain metal clasps to hold the denture in place. The partial denture is removable for cleaning and also to help the patient to clean their natural teeth. The goal of the partial denture is to replace the missing teeth, as well as keep them from drifting. There are also precision and semi-precision partial dentures that contain various attachments instead of clasps that are more aesthetic and can further minimize adverse forces on the supporting teeth. There are many options to replace missing and/or damaged teeth! It is a good idea to visit your dentist in London and discuss all of your options prior to commencing any dental procedures.