26 Oct

London Dental Clinic Offering Lumineers

Your London dental clinic now offers ultra-thin veneers that require very minimal preparation called “Lumineers.” They are used to brighten and reshape your smile, by covering discoloured and worn down teeth, and can even be used to close gaps between teeth. Lumineers are fabricated from very thin and strong porcelain that is dramatically thinner than regular porcelain that is patented by Cerinate. Very thin, like contact lens, they require very minimal or no tooth preparation prior to placement. As a result, this is considered a reversible procedure, as they can be removed in the future and your intact teeth are still there. They just require smoothing. Lumineers are an excellent choice for discoloured, chipped, and slightly damaged and malposed teeth. They can also be placed over existing crowns or bridges.
Only dentists certified and registered with Cerinate can have these Lumineers fabricated for you. There is only a certain dental laboratory that makes these, so they are not offered everywhere. These can be finished for you in two dental visits, and have displayed a great success rate. So, visit your London dental clinic for an appointment, and change your smile!