09 Nov

London Dental Clinic Offers Dental Surgery

Many types of dental surgery procedures are offered at the London Dental Clinic, and your surgical problems will be properly addressed. Various circumstances call for dental surgery. These circumstances may entail the removal of impacted third molars and other teeth that are beyond saving. There are times when there is enough room for complete third molar development. However, under other circumstances there isn’t adequate room in the mouth, and result is an impacted tooth/teeth. There are different types of impactions, including soft tissue and/or the hard bony tissue impactions. These may cause difficulties with your second molars, get infected, and form cysts and sometimes tumours around them. Therefore, you should have these teeth extracted. Other teeth can also be impacted, thus requiring removal.
Other dental surgeries include: the placement of dental implants to replace missing teeth; correction of jaw disharmonies; repair of broken jaws and mouth lacerations; removal of lesions, cysts, and tumours; tissue biopsies; TMJ problems; frenal attachment repositioning; repair of cleft lip and palate; help for facial infections; and help with snoring problems and sleep apnea.