12 Sep

London Dental Clinic Specializing in Laser Dentistry

The latest innovative addition to the world of dentistry is laser techniques or laser dentistry. This provides a highly precise and effective medium for many dental treatments and procedures. The efficacy of this application lies entirely in the dentist’s hands and his ability to direct the laser to a very specific area of focus without causing any damage to the tooth structure or surrounding tissues.
Laser dentistry holds many advantages in comparison to other dental techniques. Some of these include;
• Sutures are not required for soft tissue dental treatments utilizing laser technology.
• Many laser dental procedures do not require the use of local anaesthesia.
• Blood loss or bleeding can be minimized or done away with using this technique.
• The high energy beam of the laser has a sterilizing action on the area on which it focuses; hence bacterial infections are also rare with laser dentistry.
• There is very minimal damage to the surrounding tissues with this technique
• Laser dentistry also aids in healing the wounds faster causing regeneration of tissues.
A wide variety of dental procedures can be performed using laser technology which includes hard tissue treatments like detection of tooth cavities, dental fillings and teeth sensitivity; soft tissue treatments like crown lengthening, muscle attachment or fraenula and reshaping gum tissues or gummy smile. Other laser dentistry procedures include removal of tumours, teeth whitening and temporomandibular joint treatment.
If you consider yourself to be a very anxious patient, consult a London dentist who has specialised in laser dentistry to get the maximum benefit out of this innovative technology.