07 Sep

London Dental Clinics – Putting the Patient at Ease

A recent survey by the British Dental Association revealed that one in four Brits are scared of visiting a dentist. For many it is just a fear of the unknown; the last dental visit was probably in their childhood and they do not know what to expect now.
A few others experience dental fear which is the next level of anxiety. This results from the outcome of a previous experience like a tooth extraction; the person would have experienced some pain and do not want to face it all over again. A more severe form of anxiety is dental phobia which is the result of a very bitter experience at the dentist’s hands. People with this kind of a phobia can get distressed even when watching a toothpaste advertisement.
But one cannot put away visiting a dentist forever; at some point or other you are bound to seek professional help for your teeth. The best thing to do if you are an anxious patient or suffer from phobia is to find a dentist who will be kind, gentle and understanding to your needs. Ask around for recommendations to your friends, colleagues or neighbours. Phone and book an appointment ahead of time; tell them of your anxiety and fears so that the dentist will be prepared when you arrive.
There are many dental clinics and dentists in London who specialise in treating patients with dental phobia. They are specifically trained to deal with your fears and will put you at ease before the procedure or surgery. Some clinics also have sedation services for such patients. It is advisable to talk openly with your dentist about your fear and also clarify doubts about the procedure you are going to undertake so that you are in for no surprises which can increase your anxiety. And most of all learn to relax; you are after all in the hands of a specialist.