23 Jul

London Dental Practice Offers Emergency Dental Treatment.

In the event of any injury to your mouth and teeth, the most important thing is to get to your London dentist as quickly as possible for emergency dental treatment. In the meantime, here are some common dental emergencies faced by our patients and our tips on coping with them. In the event of toothaches, it could be anything from dental cavities to tooth abscess. Rinse your mouth with warm water and floss very gently to see if the discomfort is being caused by any food particles that have become lodged in the spaces between your teeth.
If toothaches are accompanied by swelling, apply a cold compress externally. We recommend that patients do not apply any medication directly to the gums or on the teeth without consulting a dentist. For broken, chipped, or lost teeth, try to save the partial or whole tooth. If you have lost a whole tooth, try to salvage any soft tissues that are still attached to the tooth. If you can take your tooth to the dentist in under an hour, the chances are good that your dentist will be able to replace it. Keep your tooth in salt water or milk during travel.
To be prepared your dentist recommends that you have the number of their emergency dental service recorded and also have the location recorded so you can save time trying to find the practice in the moments of panic. It is especially important to have the number ready for out of hours calls. While a hospital emergency room is better than nothing, it is advised that you visit a dentist if at all possible.