06 Jul

London dentist could now offer One Visit Dental Implants

The past 20 years have witnessed many interesting innovations in dentistry. And dental implants were really interesting as they completely eliminated the need for painful and expensive dental bridges and the cutting of perfectly healthy teeth as support. Dental implants were also very effective in replacing one single teeth as well as conserving the loss of bone after a tooth extraction. But the main drawback of this technique was the frequent visits spanning months and the painful surgeries required every time for placing the implants.
But now Dr. Jan Linhart and his educated colleagues have developed a revolutionary technique in which implants can be placed immediately and in a single visit. If the periodontal condition is good then Dr Jon and his colleagues Dr. Bobby Gahlili have managed to get implants done immediately and send the patient home with the crown already in place. If a hole is not available for the dental implantation, they will drill a hole to place a titanium implant and build up surrounding bone with bone implants to get Osseo-integration.
But the process has not yet been scientifically accepted as most London dentists agree that sufficient bone growth to stabilize the implant takes atleast two weeks and one visit implants may need additional research.