19 Nov

London dentist cures gum disease

One of the most common dental concerns is gum disease, which is also known in its less serious form as gingivitis and more seriously as periodontitis. Most people will probably suffer from mild gingivitis at some point and not even realise it. Effective brushing and cleaning will help to beat the infection and prevent it from returning. For patients who have poor standards of oral hygiene and do not keep up regular six-month appointments with the dentist, gum disease can become very serious. Severe cases of periodontitis involve bleeding gums, tooth loss and can even result in the infection spreading to other parts of the body, including the heart.
Treatment for gum disease can range from increased cleaning, to antibiotics and in serious cases even tissue removal (also known as a gingivectomy). But of course the best treatment is prevention. By taking a few minutes each day to brush thoroughly and floss you will be able to keep your teeth and gums healthy and free from infection. Flossing is particularly useful for fighting gum infection as it cleans below the gum line where it is hard to clean with a brush.
If you are concerned about possible gum disease or if you have unexplained bleeding gums, make an appointment to see a London dentist who will be able to conduct an examination as part of a check up. The dentist will also be able to offer the best advice about effective cleaning methods. Healthy gums mean healthy teeth as the old adage goes, but they can also be indicative of your health in general so it really is worthwhile to keep them on good condition.