04 Dec

London dentist discovers oral cancer at routine check up

There are a number of very important reasons why you should keep up regular dental check ups with a London dentist. Reasons that could have a very beneficial effect on your overall health.
According to the Oral Cancer foundation, someone dies every hour from oral cancer, a statistic that could be prevented by earlier detection of the disease, leading to more effective treatment. Dentists are fully trained to spot the early signs of oral cancer including unexplained bleeding and painful sores. It could just make the difference between life and death.
Perhaps less seriously but no less important, dentists are also able to examine patients for the first signs of gum disease, which can cause painful irritation and has several links to heart disease. Gum disease can occur even in healthy mouths and early treatment can prevent a range of more serious dental problems that could occur as a result. Similar to gum disease is dental decay, which can also be present in patients with excellent hygiene regimes. Prompt treatment of decay prevents the formation of dental cavities that cause painful infections and abscesses, which in turn lead to tooth loss.
Having a healthy mouth and teeth can be a sign of a healthy body as many bodily infections can begin in the oral cavity, and likewise any problems in the body can usually be detected by some change or unusual activity in the mouth. Bad breath could be the sign of inadequate cleaning but it could also indicate a more serious digestion problem that may need treatment.
Regular check ups are obviously important for maintaining good oral health. Dentists can treat any sign so of decay early and thoroughly clean the teeth to prevent any more, but a dentist can also be the first clinician to spot many other health concerns. Make an appointment to see a London dentist as soon as possible for the sake of your teeth and your whole body.