16 Nov

London Dentist Discusses What to Do When Faced with Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are a serious matter and should be tended to straight away. Here are some tips on what to do in common dental emergencies. For toothaches, try rinsing with warm water and gently floss to remove any food that may be stuck and causing discomfort. If you are experiencing swelling, the external application of a cold compress may help but resist the urge to apply any pain medication directly to the gums as this will harm the soft tissues of your mouth. The last thing you want to do is cause further trauma to your mouth in any emergency situation. For chipped, broken, or a knocked-out tooth, save the partial or whole tooth. If taken to your dentist straight away, your dentist may be able to repair or replant the tooth. A tooth has the highest chance of being replanted if returned to the socket within an hour. While waiting to see your dentist, keep your tooth in a small container of milk or salt water. If it is dirty, rinse it with water beforehand, but preserve any attached tissue fragments on the tooth.Ultimately, the best thing you can do in any dental emergency is to get to your dentist as quickly as possible. Your dentist in London offers an emergency contact for out of office hours. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you require immediate attention.