21 Sep

London dentist eases fears with hypnosis

In a recent study it was found that 93 per cent of the British public are afraid of going to the dentist. Most people’s fears stemmed from unpleasant or frightening experiences they had had at dentists in the past. For others, it was the lack of control and for many younger people the fear had merely been transferred from their parents.
This fear can be broadly broken down into two categories. The first is dental anxiety. This is a milder, although none-less real fear of visiting the dentist. For most people with dental anxiety they are able to realize that although they may not like it, visiting the dentist is in their best interests. For others who suffered form the more serious dental phobia, a visit to the dentist is more or less out of the question. Their fears are so substantial that they are willing to sacrifice dental health and associated health problems to avoid it. There are even stories about people who have starved to death because of dental problems they were unable to have treated because of fear.
Obviously for most people the fear does not take them to those extremes, but with nearly 10 per cent of the population suffering from dental phobia it is a serious concern.
One answer is to try hypnosis or self-hypnosis. Being in a light hypnotic trance is very successful at allaying people’s fears. For most people it is entirely possible to put yourself into a trancelike state which would ease those anxious visits to the dentists. Many London dentists are open to receiving hypnotized patients and will even aid in the trance process. It is a relatively easy process that almost anyone can do. Ask your dentist today and you can conquer your fears.