07 Feb

London Dentist Explains How to Avoid Dental Injuries in Sports

Dental injuries in sports are a surprisingly common event, and it’s important to be careful and protect our teeth when engaging in sports. The damage done by a poorly-aimed slam-dunk or a reckless hockey stick can be painful and irreversible. Some dentists have even estimated that between 13% and 39% of dental injuries are caused by sports.
There are two key ways of preventing dental injuries, depending on your sport. Sports involving speed and impact, including hockey, cycling and skating, should require you to wear a helmet. However, sometimes it might be inappropriate (or even disallowed) to wear a helmet. Mouth guards are a discreet and effective alternative – and should usually be worn in addition to helmets by cyclists, skaters, and other high-impact sports players.
While mouth guards can be purchases in many sports shops, it’s a better idea to visit your dentist and have a custom-fit mouth guard prepared. This will be both more comfortable and more effective in protecting your teeth from knocks and pressure.
If you still suffer from a dental injury during sport, see your dentist immediately. What many people don’t know is that even if a tooth is knocked out during high-impact sports, they can often be saved if you see your dentist quickly. Dentists can also fix cracks and chips using tooth-coloured materials, so the damage isn’t always visible.
It’s a good idea to protect your teeth during sports, as often damage permanent or costly. If you engage in high-impact or contact sports, visit your London dentist for advice and information on prevention methods you can take to save yourself from unnecessary dental injuries.