19 Jul

London Dentist Explains Sedation for Patients.

Do you suffer from anxiety and nervousness when visiting the dentist? Or are you undergoing major dental work? If you are experiencing either of these sedation may be able to help you get through the process. There is a great range in the level of sedation that is possible in dentistry and your dentist will recommend certain methods depending on what you are visiting the dentist to have done. It is vitally important that you do not self-sedate without first speaking to your dentist. If the dentist needs to give you any medication it is important that it does not react with any other medication already in your body. If you are using a light sedative you will likely be able to get your dentists consent just by giving them a ring on the phone. For more major sedation you should wait and have proper discussion with your dentist during a consultation.
There are many benefits, for both dentist and patient, to using a sedative. Primarily sedation will relax the patient. Relaxation is very useful if the patient suffers from dental anxiety and is struggling to enter the dentist’s office or chair, or making it difficult for the dentist to inspect their teeth. Even for those that do not suffer seriously from anxiety, relaxation may be helpful for your dentist to allow them to more easily inspect your teeth and gums. While your London dentist will always be as gentle as possible and minimise any pain there is always the possibility of some discomfort, sedation will dull any uncomfortable treatments. Ask your dentist about the possibilities of sedation before your next visit to see if it could be helpful for you.