28 Jun

London dentist extracts tooth under hypnosis

Speaking from personal experience extractions are extremely uncomfortable. Firstly you have to deal with the thought of getting an injection inside your mouth where even a simple cheek bite hurts like hell! Then you have to deal with dentists try to yank out really stubborn teeth out of your mouth! And am I imagining it or have teeth become really reluctant o leave their natural habitats?
Any way, I digress. Extractions are uncomfortable and more so for patients who are apprehensive of dentists and needles. So it was pleasant surprise when a U.K trained dentist for almost ten years based in north London was able to successfully remove patient’s two teeth as well as roots without the use of numbing agents! So much so that, the patient was able to respond to queries as well as co-operate with the dentist while the procedure while it was being done! This bodes well for the thousands of dental anxiety patient s who absolutely refuse treatment because of the fears of dental treatment related pain