26 Feb

London dentist fights toothache and dental abscess

When your teeth or gums become infected it can be a very uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. Bacterial infection takes hold in teeth and gums that are suffering from decay. When the tough enamel is penetrated by dental decay it exposes the sensitive cavity at the centre of the tooth, where the nerve is located. This can then become infected leading to toothache and dental abscesses.
When a tooth is infected in its root, the bacterial infection irritates the extremely sensitive dental nerve causing toothache. When the body fights back it produces excess white blood cells to kill off the infection. These can sometimes build up in tissue around the infected tooth causing a small abscess. This can be very painful and can be prone to bursting which can easily spread the infection.
Toothache and abscesses can both be prevented with increased cleaning far before it gets to this stage. Effective cleaning removes plaque, one of the main causes of tooth decay, this means that enamel is kept strong and healthy and infections cannot penetrate to the centre of the tooth. If the infection has taken hold it is essential that you visit a London dentist as soon as possible. A dentist can remove the infection, possibly using a root canal treatment, before filling the cavity and sealing it with a dental crown. Dentists are also trained to remove abscesses without spreading the infection to other areas of the mouth. It is important to remove any infected matter as it can cause tooth loss and has strong links to heart disease and even strokes.