11 Jan

London Dentist Gives Advice On Cannabis And Oral Health

Your London dentist has some information for you about the relationship of cannabis and your oral health. Cannabis (or marijuana) is a commonly used drug in London, with 40 percent of teens and adults trying it at least once. Hash and hash oil also fall into the cannabis classification. They all contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC. The frequent form of consumption is smoking, but it can also be eaten in various foods. It enters the circulation and affects the cardiovascular, immune, and respiratory systems, among others. Individuals that use cannabis regularly have more oral health problems than those that don’t use cannabis. These individuals are at greater risk for dental decay and gum disease(s). They are also at higher risk for developing oral cancer(s), and developing infections in the oral cavity because of cannabis’ affects on the immune system. Performing dental procedures on patients that are “high” on cannabis can result in increased paranoia, dysphoria, and anxiety. The administration of local anaesthesia that contains epinephrine can result in extended tachycardia. THC is a very “tarry” material, and forms heavy stains and build-up on the teeth, especially if used regularly. This could lead to more difficulty removing bacteria and plaque, and the acceleration of both dental caries and periodontal diseases. So, visit your London dentist and get some help with your oral health problems!