28 Jun

London dentist go paper less!

It’s a really good idea to get a “paperless” practice. You don’t have to have paper charts, radiographs or consent forms etc. Everything will be available at the touch of a button in your computer. But before you completely paperless please do a little research into what you will require financially as well as legally. A few basic items you will require are-1. Practice Management Software (PMS) is the most essential program which you will require to deal with all you’re patient paper work like progress notes, indemnity coverage, billing, consent forms, radiographs, charting, medication, etc.
2. Image Management Software is necessary to integrate the radiographs you will be taking of patient treatment into the PMS software. You can use the software supplied by the PMS Company but it probably will be more expensive
3. Operatory Design is important for locating the computer monitors, digital radiograph machine, keyboard and mouse, to allow easy access for patient as well as the doctor.
4. You might also need a server to integrate the receptions server into the operatory computer
5. Data Protection and Backup is very essential to make sure you have duplicate copies of patient information, as well as protection for your computer in the form of anti-virus, firewalls, anti-spy ware, and completion of the HIPAA regulations.