09 Jul

London dentist guides patient through tooth extraction process

A tooth extraction is the process of removing one or more teeth for one of several reasons. Depending on the reason, the tooth may or may not be replaced by the dentist carrying out the procedure. Some of the most common reason for requiring an extraction include for straightening purposes either directly, or to create room for a brace to be fully effective. Extractions are also needed to create room for tooth to come through. In some cases, the late developing wisdom teeth need to be removed because they can be the source of great pain.
Before the extraction, your London dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth. The procedure will usually be carried out under a local anaesthetic, which means you will be awake for the procedure but will not be able to feel any pain. Once under the anaesthetic the dentist will use a tool called an elevator to loosen the tooth. They will then continue to loosen the tooth until eventually it is free to come out. You will feel some pressure in your mouth as this is happening but this will not be accompanied by any pain. The dentist may need to carry out further work of the root is very deep in the gum. They will then repair any damage that has been caused to the soft tissue, sometimes with stitches and take measures to stop and bleeding or chance of infection.
The procedure will require you to spend some time afterwards relaxing. This is because it can be a stressful experience for the body and you will need some time to recuperate. Your London dentist will be on hand to answer any questions you mat have should you require an extraction for any reason.